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Pastorino Farms

12391 San Mateo Road
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
Tel: (650) 726-6440

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to questions you've always wanted to know:

What happens to the pumpkins after the season is over?

A small amount of the pumpkins are dried and seeded for next years crop. Some of the pumpkins are plowed under so they might replenish the soil's nitrogen. The remainder are sold to farmers for animal feed.

Where are the pumpkins grown?

They are grown in our fields on the coast between Half Moon Bay and Pacifica. They are generally planted in April or May depending on the water content of the soil.

How many different kinds of pumpkins are there?

There are numerous varieties of pumpkins (which are in the squash family) that are commercially grown annually. We have available approximately a dozen different varieties.

Some of the popular varieties that we have available are:

Connecticut Field


typically used for Jack-O-Lanterns

Sugar Pie


used for pumpkin pies



decorative due to deep red coloration



has been commonly used for making candy

Gray Hubbard


general cooking

Turban Squash


general cooking

Wee-Be Littles



Mini Baby Boo



We also carry a variety of ornamental Gourds.

How long has Pastorino Farms been in Half Moon Bay?

Enrico (Henry in English) and Lorraine Pastorino established the farms in the fertile Half Moon Bay region nearly half a century ago. Initially the farm started by growing flowers and flowers are still their primary business.

What makes our Pumpkin Pies so tasty?

A primary ingredient is CARE.

How long will a pumpkin last?

If they are kept in a dry cool place, for up to six months (this is for one that has not been cut open!)

When is the best time to carve your pumpkin?

2-3 days before Halloween: you don't have to carve it: you can also paint it or use other small vegetables for facial features.

What are some of the most unusual pumpkins sold at Pastorino Farms?

Our staff of 'experts' has chosen the following pumpkin(s) the most unusual for the season.